Why You Should Always Compare Cell Phone Plans

When choosing a new plan for a cell phone, it is important to always compare plans. This can be a chore since all carriers seem to offer several plans and new specials are offered every day. The research can pay off several times over by realizing significant savings.

The first step in comparing cell phone plans is to establish the amount of minutes that will be needed. Check the current cell phone records and figure out the average usage over the last six months. This will provide a baseline to make sure the appropriate amount of minutes are purchased. If the cell phone is the smart phone type, also compare the data usage. This is where users can get hit with high add on fees. Going over the data allowance on a cell phone plan can result in unexpected charges.

With the average minutes and data used per month, begin to research cellular service providers. Create a chart that documents minutes included, any over minute charges, data allowance and over usage fees. Try to compare plans that are similar be choosing ones that offer similar amounts of minutes. Carefully review each plan for hidden fees. Make sure to include any cancellation fees and the length of contract that is required to be eligible for the plan. Month to month plans may be more expensive, but there are prepaid plans that are comparable to some two year agreements. Some websites offer charts premade for easy comparison of plans or online tools. A good example to help with this research is the German site http://www.iphone-tarife.de/.

Most cell phone companies will provide a phone with a new contract for service. Very few phones are free, but often they will offer a previous model phone for free. This can be a great way to upgrade to a better phone and still save money. Always try to negotiate with the current provider for better pricing. It costs nothing to ask and could result in savings!

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