Top 5 iPhone Apps

If you do a search for “top iPhone apps” you are bound to find an overwhelming number of websites claiming to have just the list you need. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. The following is a summary of five of the top iPhone apps, all of which can easily be downloaded from the iTunes store.

1. Find My iPhone. This is an excellent resource for those of us who are constantly losing our phone. Utilizing an outstanding free feature of the iOS, Find My iPhone helps you locate and communicate with your phone wherever it is. In so doing, it has definitely earned its spot on this list of top iPhone apps.

2. Bing. Not only is Bing one of the best search engines hands down, it also has great mapping technology, which is something that many users of the new iPhone are missing.

3. Yelp. This mobile version of the widely-used rating and review site helps you to instantly locate great places to eat, drink, and be merry wherever you happen to find yourself at the moment.

4. Dashlane. Among the five top iPhone apps being reviewed, this is the go-to app for people who care about password security but struggle to remember all those logins. For a nominal monthly or yearly fee, Dashlane remembers your secure passwords for you.

5. Facebook. Duh. No list of top iPhone apps would be complete without Facebook, the ad-free app that keeps you connected to your friends and family.

What if you have an idea for an app, maybe one that no one else seems to have made yet? Why not create your own? There are a number of developers out there whose products have come to be among the top iPhone apps that people are downloading these days. If you contact one of these developers and work out an agreement to have your idea developed, who knows? Maybe your idea will soon make it onto the next list of top iPhone apps!

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