The iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is a smartphone offered by Apple which represents a significant improvement in both design and function over its predecessors.


Aesthetically, the iPhone 4 has a significantly different look than the iPhone 3. Now entirely encased in stainless steel, the phone features sharper, more angular curves. A silver band designed to improve reception wraps around the sides of the phone. Much of the plastic material used in previous iPhone designs has been replaced with smooth glass. The back of the iPhone 4 is now flat, as opposed to the rounded shape of the iPhone 3, resulting in a thinner case overall. The phone’s screen has also undergone significant improvement, yielding a sharper, clearer display.


One of the key differences between the iPhone 4 and earlier iPhone models is its greatly improved camera. The iPhone 4 has two cameras – a five megapixel camera on the back of the unit, intended for taking still shots and high-definition video, and a VGA camera on the front for video conferencing. The phone also boasts two microphones. This is a vast improvement over the iPhone 3′s single, three megapixel camera and microphone. The iPhone 4 features a faster processor and a RAM twice as fast as that of the iPhone 3, significantly improving speed. The graphic card has also been improved.

The iPhone 4 supports the iMovie app.

The iPhone 4 supports the iMovie app.


Along with an improved hardware, Apple developed several apps allowing users to performs tasks enabled by the faster processing chip and increased memory. These releases include a mobile version of Apple’s popular iMovie software. Taking advantage of the improved hardware, users can edit home videos directly on their phone. Another major release is a mobile version of the music service Pandora, which thanks to the iPhone 4’s multitasking capabilities allows users to listen to personalized radio stations while using their phone for other activities. There are many apps that take full advantage of the new iPhone’s extended capabilities.

Overall, the streamlined design, improved function and exclusive new software make the latest iPhone a tremendous improvement over previous models.

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