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Data recovery software

In the not too distant past, when data was lost on an iPhone, it was gone forever. However, with advances in data recovery software, it is now possible for everyone from casual users to IT professionals to bring data back from the brink of virtual destruction. » Read more..

HDD regenerator

What is a HDD regenerator? This is a special program designed to help your hard drive recover from errors caused by bad operating system shutdowns, viruses, etc. These programs are compatible with several operating systems, including Windows. A good example of a HDD regenerator is CHKDSK. CHKDSK comes with all Windows NT Operating Systems (Windows NT 4.0.x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7). It is a quick and effective way of restoring your data. The benefit of such program is that it runs before the operating system boots, allowing your computer to recover the hard drive and restore it to a working order. » Read more..

iPhone data recovery

Smartphones are miniature computers stored in your pocket and the Apple iPhone is no exception. The iPhone holds your important photos, documents, messages and music. The loss of this information is devastating to every iPhone holder. The iPhone data recovery methods are important for every iPhone owner as a safety precaution against information loss. You can recover information from your iPhone if you restore it depending on the frequency of your backup and syncing habits. You do not need to be an iPhone geek to manage your own iPhone data recovery. » Read more..