Is the iPhone 5 Better Than the Forerunner?

Technology moves quickly, and diehard tech fans are used to having the cutting edge in everything they own—from TVs to cell phones. So it’s no surprise that barely a month has gone by and people are already asking the obvious: is the iPhone 5 better than the forerunner?

It’s still a valid question, especially in a post-Steve Jobs world.

The answer? Yes, there is definitely something about the iPhone 5 that is worth upgrading for—even though some are still on the fence about that.

The first thing that Apple fans can look forward to would be the larger display. In the iPhone 4S, you were only looking at 3.5 inches. However, with the iPhone 5 you have 4 inches. The resolution is up to 1136×640, with 326 per inch.

The display isn’t the only thing that’s been bumped up in the new iPhone 5—you also have better WiFi options. Dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n is the order of the day. N-level speeds are way beyond anything that your default “b” users could ever imagine.

If you’re looking forward to taking a lot more pictures, the iPhone 5 doesn’t disappoint—you have a front camera that sports a much better 720p resolution, which means that video will also be a bit clearer as well. The back camera is still 8 megapixels with an LED flash, but there is a much better sensor, lens, and a nice glass enclosure to seal the deal.

If you’ve been waiting for LTE, Apple is bringing it to you with the iPhone 5—4G LTE is already configured and works fine, according to initial reports in the wild.

Size plays a big role here—the iPhone 5 is longer but it’s also lighter. Many fans of the iPhone 4S felt cheated by the weight of the phone, so Apple worked on cleaning that up. The iPhone 5 also has a brushed aluminum finish, which can conceal those classic smudges a bit better.

Overall, is the iPhone 5 worth upgrading to? Absolutely. Even though you’re looking at a weighty investment for the new phone, the pleasure you gain from using it should more than make up for it.

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