iPhone data recovery

Smartphones are miniature computers stored in your pocket and the Apple iPhone is no exception. The iPhone holds your important photos, documents, messages and music. The loss of this information is devastating to every iPhone holder. The iPhone data recovery methods are important for every iPhone owner as a safety precaution against information loss. You can recover information from your iPhone if you restore it depending on the frequency of your backup and syncing habits. You do not need to be an iPhone geek to manage your own iPhone data recovery.

Your iPhone data recovery begins with the backup and Sync functions. The iPhone backup stores your photos, messages, in-app purchases and some settings to your computer or to the cloud and is essential to the iPhone data recovery. Setting up your iPhone iCloud backup to backup every time you connect to your home Wi-Fi protects against information loss. This is your first line of defense against information loss. An alternative is to backup your iPhone using your iTunes software. This also syncs your music, movies and applications to your computer.

Sometimes your iPhone just doesn’t work right. You may have picked up a virus or malware that compromises the security of your device. This is usually when you start looking for iPhone data recovery methods. The factory restore feature completely erases all the information from your iPhone and restores it to factory settings. At the time you restore, you are given the option to recover deleted files from your backup. The backup is essential to your iPhone data recovery strategy. It restores all the information stored in the backup including your photos, messages and in-app purchases.

The iPhone data recovery always starts with a backup.

The iPhone data recovery always starts with a backup.

Most iPhone data recovery begins with the factory restore from a backup. You need to plug your iPhone into your computer and launch iTunes. Right click on your iPhone in the left column. Choose the option to restore from a backup. You may have more than one backup saved on your computer. This is essential if you need to restore a specific message or photo and your phone was backed up after that was deleted. Be aware, you can recover specific items this way but you lose new information since that backup was performed. This is one downside of the factory restore as an iPhone data recovery method.

Other methods are to use different kinds of data recovery software, such as TouchCopy and The iPhone Backup Extractor. Or you can try the best software solution which is available here: Recover Lost Mac & iPhone Data Quickly, Safely and Completely.

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