How to Use Different iPhone Ringtones

One of the great things about the iPhone is that you can personalize it based on your preferences and styles. A protective case, unique wallpaper and iPhone ringtones are all great ways to make the phone stand out. The process of adding and using different ringtones can be a little difficult. There are a few simple steps to get ringtones on the phone.

In the Sounds sections of the Settings app, a person can change iPhone ringtones. There are a number of pre-set tones and the option to purchase additional ones through the store.

If a person wants to use songs for the iPhone ringtones, this needs to be done through the iTunes program. The phone needs to be plugged in and songs need to be manually put in the Ringtone section. One way to modify songs and create unique iPhone ringtones would be through the use of a ringtone app. These can be downloaded from the App Store and allow a person to customize songs and set these as custom tones. With most of these apps, a person still needs to plug the phone in and connect with iTunes.

Once a person has the song saved in the Ringtones section, these will show up on the phone itself. The tone can be changed from the Settings menu or this can be done for individual contacts. Each person can have a different ringtone. On the individual contact, there is a section for ringtone. By default, all people have the same tone. In this screen, a person can set individual iPhone ringtones. When the phone rings, it will be easy to distinguish who is calling without even looking at the phone. There are also settings in the contact where customized vibrations can be set for individuals.

The process for changing and installing custom ringtones can be a little confusing. There are a few steps to do this correctly, but any user should be able to update iPhone ringtones in a few steps.

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