HDD regenerator

What is a HDD regenerator? This is a special program designed to help your hard drive recover from errors caused by bad operating system shutdowns, viruses, etc. These programs are compatible with several operating systems, including Windows. A good example of a HDD regenerator is CHKDSK. CHKDSK comes with all Windows NT Operating Systems (Windows NT 4.0.x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7). It is a quick and effective way of restoring your data. The benefit of such program is that it runs before the operating system boots, allowing your computer to recover the hard drive and restore it to a working order.

HDD regenerator also works with iPhones. The iPhone’s storage device type is a flash drive; which is a removable storage similar to a stick. You can mount the iPhone on your computer and it would be seen as a hard disk, allowing you to store data to it. When you mount the iPhone to your computer, the HDD regenerator can see it as a regular hard drive, allowing it to make data saving fixes to the iPhone’s flash drive.

A HDD Regenerator requires an additional program to work with Windows.

A HDD Regenerator requires an additional program to work with Windows.

The iPhone works differently on PCs than on Macs, however, and must be mounted differently. A HDD regenerator running on Windows can not directly read the file system of an iPhone. You have to get a special mounting program to allow the HDD regenerator to function with the iPhone on Windows. Once you get the program installed and configured properly, your operating system will be able to read and write to the iPhone natively and will also allow the HDD regenerator to make the data saving changes it needs to under Windows.

The HDD regenerator is a special program that allows your hard drive to recover from errors caused by many different things. This program works on PCs, Macs and iPhones. When this program runs on a  Mac, the iPhone works natively but a PC requires that you install an extra program before this software will work. Overall, the HDD regenerator is an effective tool to recover data on your hard drive, flash drive and iPhone. There are additional data recovery software programs but the HDD regenrator is one of the most common.

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